Our clinical program is one of the few that combine a psychoanalytic emphasis with adherence to the scientist-practitioner model. In accordance with the scientist-practitioner model of training for clinical psychology, we are committed to teaching our students to integrate research and practice in a meaningful way. We teach them to view the activities of conducting research and engaging in clinical practice as mutually enhancing in nature—that is, to understand that clinical practice generates important questions and insights that can have a significant influence on the conceptualization and execution of research; and that both research findings and the process of conducting research can have an important impact on clinical practice

To summarize, our training philosophy emphasizes the importance of 1) integrating theory, research, and practice in a meaningful way; 2) developing a solid grounding in the breadth of scientific psychology and learning to integrate this knowledge with both research and practice in clinical psychology; 3) developing attitudes necessary for lifelong learning, critical thinking, and an ongoing ability to grow and develop as professionals in the field; 4) developing the requisite skills for entry into professional practice; and 5) developing an appreciation and respect for the values of diversity and pluralism (cultural, ethnic, theoretical, and methodological).