Lab Guidelines

Dr. Todman's laboratory is a place for students with strong independent work ethic and an interest in unique aspects of psychopathology. While boredom and addiction are most commonly researched in the lab, students are welcome to study any area of psychopathology that they find interesting.

In our lab, students may enter with strong interests but little experience conducting psychological research and, within a short period of time, learn how to execute a study from start to finish. To this effect, students may conduct research on an original idea, or choose a project from prospective projects.

Listed below are the general requirements. Not meeting these may result in termination of lab membership:

  1. Attending all lab meetings every Tuesday at 2:00-3:00 and participating actively in discussion

  2. Presenting a discussion in lab within your first month that is either:

    • A discussion of your intended research topic

    • A theoretical topic of discussion

  3. Completing the required readings within the first month. You will be expected to be aware of content as these topics will arise frequently in lab discussion

  4. Presenting at a conference (poster or oral presentation) at least once per year on either your own research or on a past research project conducted in lab

  5. Completing all tasks as assigned, including reading material assigned for discussion by other students and uploading articles to the lab google docs within your area of interest