Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Hoarding Disorder in the Geriatric Population


Hoarding Disorder (HD) is a new diagnosis in the recently published DSM-5. Despite pop-culture attention, scientific research into the etiology, maintenance, and treatment of hoarding behavior is severely limited; especially in the geriatric population. The present study seeks to investigate psychosocial factors contributing to the etiology and maintenance of HD in a geriatric population. It will also focus on the utility of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) as an intervention for HD. Possible predictors of hoarding behavior and clinical outcomes will also be investigated. CBT will be provided by the psychiatry department of Beth Israel Medical Center. Research assistants can participate by entering data, and running simple to complex statical analysis. If interested, assistants may complete training in order to interview subjects in their homes, offices, and at Beth Israel Medical Center.


Hours may range from 5-10 hours a week depending on responsibilities and the flow of incoming data