Research Tracks

At any given time, there are a multitude of ongoing psychological research studies taking place in our lab. We do not have one overarching project to which students are required to contribute. There are a variety of options available to interested students, with two primary courses of study. More experienced students have the option of taking up an independent study, while others may choose the option of assisting a senior graduate student in his or her work on one of our formal tracks.

Availability in each track is determined by supervisory capacity and is redetermined each academic year. Please see below for this year's availability. .

2017–2018 Academic Year

Total Number of current students: 20

Maximum capacity: 20

Please note that we are at capacity and are no longer accepting applications for full lab membership.
Interested students should email for information regarding auxiliary lab membership.

Track 1
PhD Level, Independent Study

Maximum Capacity: Determined by formal application to NSSR Psych PhD Program
Current Students: Tracey Rogovin (2012), Ingmar Gorman (2012), Anwar Siddiqui (2013), Carolyn Khanian (2013), Iryna Krotava (2013), Samuel Koval (2014), Ryan Tellalian (2014), Gillian Wilson (2014)

Track 2
MA level, Independent Study

Supervision required by PhD student
Maximum capacity: 9

Track 3
MA Level, Research Assistant 
Maximum capacity: Unlimited, as needed basis dependent on projects in need of assistance
Note: Research assistants may, at any time, transfer to track two, given there are open spots

Track 4
BA Level, Independent Practicum 

Supervision required by second year MA student
Maximum capacity: 8 students

Track 5
BA Level, Collaborative Practicum

Supervision required by PhD student or current MA student
Maximum capacity: Determined by availability of PhD/MA student
For possible projects that need assistance, click here


Track 6
All levels - Learning purposes only

Maximum capacity dependent on lab space
Spots remaining: Unlimited