Current Projects


Examining the Working Alliance in MDMA-assisted Psychotherapy of the Treatment of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder
Ingmar Gorman and Colleagues

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Hoarding Disorder in the Geriatric Population
Gillian Wilson, Andrea Singer

An Investigation Between Boredom Proneness, Hallucination Proneness, and Psychotic Symptoms in an Inpatient Population
Carolyn Khanian



The Effect of Boredom on Attentional Bias in Light and Heavy Social Drinkers
Tracey Rogovin and Steven Freed

Validation and Comparison of Experimental Boredom Induction Procedures: Identifying the most Robust Induction
Anwar Siddiqui, Tracey Rogovin, Thomas Chao

An Investigation into Consummatory and Anticipatory Boredom: An Experience Sampling Method
Anwar Siddiqui

The Relationship between Alcohol Consumption, Boredom, and Depression in Rural Belarus
Iryna Krotava

Is Meaning in Life a Protective Factor Against Boredom Proneness?
Ryan Tellalian

The Relationship between Boredom and Market Trading
Iryna Krotava